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For a company to succeed, it should offer goods or services not otherwise available. It was decided at Lagrant's that our unique product would be quality. Quality in workmanship, quality in materials and quality in service. For example, beekeepers shopping at Lagrant's will not find thin square edged hive outer covers that require condensation-causing metal tops. Our slogan, Buy Quality . . . Lagrant's says it all.

You will find quality beekeeping equipment with innovative design and construction, built-in quality and workmanship only at Lagrant's. As an example, it is considerably more expensive to produce an outer cover that does not require a condensation forming metal over cover. At Lagrant's, our outer covers are made with 3/4 inch exterior grade plywood, negating the need of an outer metal shell. More important, 3/4 inches of wood is a lot more insulating than 3/8 inch wood or pressed board and metal. Quality counts. Lagrant's offers a full range of beekeeping equipment including:  

  • Wooden hive components
  • Wax products including foundation
  • Protective clothing
  • Hive tools, smokers, assembly equipment
  • Wax uncapping knives  and extractors
  • Bottling equipment, bottles and labels
  • Feeders and medications  
  • Beekeeping books and much more! 

In addition to new unassembled equipment, beekeepers can purchase assembled and occasionally used equipment. Contact us with your needs.