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Before 1955, Frank Lagrant was not only uncomfortable with bees, he was actually afraid of them. To overcome his fear of bees, he decided to get a hive of his own. For two years, he would not approach the hive: he had another beekeeper tend his bees. Frank bought a book about beekeeping and began learning about bees. His fear conquered, he joined a beekeeping association and bought more hives. By 1970, he had accumulated several hundred colonies of bees and decided to become a full- time beekeeper.

Becoming a commercial supplier of beekeeping equipment was an intuitive step. Before founding Lagrant's Honeybees and Supplies, Frank had extensive experience  as a superintendent in the commercial building trades. He is also a master cabinetmaker. Having his own well-equipped on-site cabinet shop made going into business an easy task. With the addition of hive parts machinery, Lagrant's Honeybees and Supplies was in production. We are in our 39th year and still growing!